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Deskphones – Using Polycom IP Phones | AT&T Office@Hand
Article #5672

This article gives a summary of Polycom phone features, and links to articles for more detailed information.

Using Polycom IP Phones

AT&T Office@Hand supports an array of tested Polycom IP Phones which work well with your AT&T Office@Hand service. Click on the links for more information about the Polycom desk phone functions.

Basic Phone Functions

Adjusting the Volume
Mute and Unmute Audio
Changing the Ring Type

Using the Web Configuration Utility of Polycom VVX 310 and 410

Installing Expansion Modules or Sidecars

Supported Models
How to Install Sidecars
VVX 410 & 500 Sidecar Provisioning & Installation

Getting the IP Address from your Polycom Phone

Using the Do Not Disturb (DND) Feature

Enabling / Disabling DND on your Polycom VVX Series phone
Using DND on multiple lines

Using Call Forwarding

Enabling Call Forwarding on Polycom VVX Phones
Disabling Call Forwarding on Polycom VVX Phones

Accessing Call Logs

Recent Calls
View Recent Calls
Sort Recent Call Entries
Sort Entries by Call Type
Edit Recent Contact Entries
Delete a Recent Contact
Save a Recent Contact
View Call Details

Transferring Calls

(On-demand feature) Call Forwarding from Polycom VVX phones

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