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Disable devices in bulk using the AccessMyLAN web portal

1.     From the home screen, click the Configuration button at the top of the page.


Image of step 1.


2.     Click the Devices link.


Image of step 2.


3.     Click the checkbox to the left of the devices you want to disable.

Note: If the device list defaults to card view, click the List icon Image of the list icon. at the top right of the device list. In this case, we clicked the checkbox to the left of “All” to select all of the listed devices at once.


Image of step 3.


4.     Click the dropdown arrow to the right of “Choose Action”.


Image of step 4.


5.     Click Disable device in the dropdown list.


Image of step 5.


6.     Click the Apply button.


Image of step 6.


7.     A notification appears.

8.     Click the Disable button.


Image of steps 7 and 8.


9.     A message confirms that the selected devices are disabled.

10.   Click the Close button.


Image of steps 9 and 10.