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Office@Hand: Desktop App Overview
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What does AT&T Office@Hand’s Desktop App do?

AT&T Office@Hand for Desktop is an easy-to-use app, and a comprehensive communications hub with all-inclusive phone, fax, business SMS, and conferencing for your desktop. It provides an intuitive interface that optimizes user experience and increase productivity.

The 10.0 O@H release will not include the 10.0 Mobile Apps.  The Mobile Apps and their security fixes will be in the 10.1 release.

IMPORTANT: The Legacy Softphone is no longer supported. Office@Hand strongly suggests that Users upgrade to the latest version of the Office@Hand Desktop App to enjoy all the features that Office@Hand has to offer.

See Office@Hand: Download and Install the Desktop App to learn how you can install the Office@Hand for Desktop App.


Comprehensive Desktop Communication Solution with Easy-to-Use Interface

Make and receive calls and faxes, send text messages, or host a conference from a single app with great productivity. It provides easy access to view messages, find contacts, manage calls, and change settings.

Integrated with Company Directory

Reach your colleagues with a quick chat or call, with just a few clicks of the mouse. With real-time Phone Presence status among colleagues, you will avoid playing phone tags or forwarding to a busy extension.

Easily Text a Contact or a Group Within Your Organization with Business SMS

Easily send a text message to your contact in your personal or company directory. It allows you to set and select a preferred Caller ID for your text message.  Additionally, you can access a website directly from an active hyperlink, and place a phone call with just one click. There’s no need to copy and paste.

Audio Conferencing

With Audio Conferencing, you can start a conference with a click of the mouse, send out a conference invitation via SMS or email directly without the need to copy and paste the dial-in numbers and access codes. You can also easily add international dial-in numbers in your invitation. It also allows you to add callers anytime during a conference.

Microsoft Outlook/Office Integration

Microsoft Outlook/Office Integration allows you to make calls, and send text and faxes to your contacts directly from Microsoft Outlook. There’s no need to launch a separate application. Contacts are imported and synced from Outlook. You can also send a document as a fax attachment from within Microsoft Office applications directly. The AT&T Office@Hand for Desktop App support Microsoft Outlook 2010 and 2013.


AT&T Office@Hand for Desktop app is available to all AT&T Office@Hand subscribers.

Main Screen

Main screen

The following options are available in the main screen:

Icon Name Description
  Messages Allows you to view your received Voice, Text or Fax Messages.
  Favorites Allows you to view the Presence Status and Call or Text your Favorite Contacts.
  Join Now Allows you to integrate your Google Calendar on the Desktop App to view and join meetings via the App.
  Call Log Allows you to view your Recent and Missed Calls.
  Contacts Allows you to view your Personal Contacts as well as other Extension Users in your Company.
  HUD Allows you to view your monitored users via in-app Heads Up Display.
  RingOut Allows you to Place a New Call to a Contact or a Phone Number.
 compose text icon Compose Text Allows you to send a New Text Message to a Contact or a Phone Number.
 Audio conferencing icon Start Conference Allows you to Host an Audio Conference and Invite Participants.
 Compose fax message icon Compose Fax  Allows you to send a Fax Message to a Contact or a Fax Number.
 View Settings icon View Settings Allows you to view and configure your Office@Hand Desktop App settings.


Here is a summary of the features that are available on the Office@Hand Desktop App.

Features Availability
Call Management         Make and Receive Calls Y
Support HD Voice Y
Support Secure Voice (TLS/STRP encryption) Y
Mute, Hold, Forward, and Record an active call Y (opt-in only)
Transfer a Call (with options for cold, warm transfer and to voicemail) Y
Park/Unpark a Call Y
Call Flip Y
Add up to 4 Callers in a call (merge calls) Y
Split Calls Y
Pre-call Control          Send an incoming call to voicemail Y
Reject/Ignore an Incoming Call Y
Reply with a Message to the Caller Y
Reply with a Custom Text-to-Speech Message to the Caller Y
Screen, Receive and Listen to Voicemail Y
Save Voicemail locally Y
Forward voicemail N
Read voicemail transcription Y
Block Caller ID for Outgoing Call Y
Audio Announcement for Incoming Call N
Fax           Send, Receive, View, and Delete Faxes Y
Schedule to Send Faxes Y
Choose a Fax Cover Page Y
Add a Custom Fax Cover Page Y
Print Driver to Send Fax (Windows) Y
Save Faxes locally Y
Forward Faxes Y
Choose Different Header (Windows) N
Fax Editor: Insert Signature into Fax Document N
Scan to Fax Y
Choose Resolution (Windows) N
Business SMS    Send and Receive Text Messages Y
Extension-to-Extension Group Texting Y
Forward, Copy, Paste and Search Text from Threads Y
Detect Phone Numbers and Meeting Invitations in Text Threads Y
Emoji Support Y
MMS Sending MMS Y
Receiving MMS Y
Conferencing    Host Conference Calls Y
Send a Conference Invitation via an Email or a Text Message Y
Support International Dial-in Numbers Y
Join a conference without having the host Y
Call Log      Display Call Log Details, Including Missed Calls Y
Refresh Call Log Automatically when there is a New or Missed Call N
Block Numbers from Inbound Calls Y
Search within Call Logs Y
Delete Call Logs Y (delete all )
Save Call Logs to Local Storage N
 Contacts      Display and Search for Personal and Company Contacts Y
Integrated with Company Directory; Reach Colleagues via Call or Text Messaging Y
View real-time phone presence status from a Contact’s profile Y
Save Contacts to Local Storage N
Add Photos to Contacts Y
Synchronize with Outlook Contacts N
Google Directory Support Y
 Favorites   Add/Edit Contacts to Favorites Y
View Real-time Phone Presence Status Across Devices Y
Call, Send Text and Fax from Favorites Y
 Integration    Microsoft Outlook Contacts – Make Calls, Send Faxes, Send Texts from within Outlook (Windows) Y
Microsoft Office – Send Faxes from Within MS Office Applications (Windows) N
Internet Explorer – Send Faxes from Internet Explorer (Windows) N
Mac Address Book – Send Faxes from Mac Address Book (Mac) Y
Others Do Not Disturb Y
RingOut Y
Launch an External App or a Website after Answering an Incoming Call Y
Select Inbound Caller ID (Call and Text) Y
Add Custom Ringtones Y
Click-to-call from apps or web that supports callto:, tell:, fax: protocols Y
One-click to Access AT&T Office@Hand Meetings Y
Change Own Presence Status Y
Auto Suggestion List with Presence Support Y
Access to Local Storage for Inbox Voicemail and Faxes N
Access to Local Storage for Sent, Saved (draft) and Outbox Faxes N

Other features 

  • Sending SMS via Office@Hand Desktop App (With Emoji support)
    Using the SMS feature of Office@Hand Desktop App
  • Google Calendar Integration – Join Now feature
    Office@Hand Desktop App Join Now feature Google Calendar Integration
  • Google Contacts Integration
    Your Office@Hand Desktop App features Google Directory Integration. Google Directory provides access to your Google contacts. It displays the phone numbers, a physical address, and employee information. 
    Office@Hand Google Contacts Integration for Desktop App

    • Send and receive MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) files such as an image

      Send MMS to a User with a direct and PSTN numbers.
      – Users must use Glip if sending MMS to Users that ONLY have an extension and NO direct or PSTN number.
      – Group MMS is not yet supported. Messages will be sent individually. Users can only send a group text to multiple extensions.
      – Users can receive new message notification when MMS is received. Quick reply with text is possible, however, no outbound MMS from Apple Watch.
      – Supported file types:

      Receiving Sending
      Images jpg/jpeg, png, gif, bmp , tif /tiff, svg Images jpg/jpeg, png, gif, bmp , tif /tiff, svg
      Videos vcf / vcard , zip, rtf , html , gzip
      Files vcf / vcard , zip, rtf , html , gzip

      Note: MMS can be seen in previews inline in the message thread or be viewed or played in-app or in third-party apps. However, it is not possible to send a caption with an image as one message. 

    • Manual Reconnect when on Online or Calls Only mode

      If your Office@Hand Desktop App is in on Offline or Calls Only mode, you may not be able to use it properly. When this happens, you may manually reconnect your AT&T Office@Hand for Desktop. Just click on Offline Mode or Calls Only and then, click Reconnect on the pop-up window.

      Manual reconnect when on online or calls only mode

    • Caller ID for faxes

      This feature enables Users to select the Outgoing Caller ID for faxes from the Settings > Calls > Outgoing tab on the AT&T Office@Hand for Desktop app. It also enables Users to manage their “From” number on the fax cover page. Changes made on the Desktop app gets synced on the Online account, and vice versa.

      Caller ID for faxes

    • Change DND and Presence status via the desktop app icon

      Easily switch your DND and Presence status, such as Available, Busy, Do not disturb, or Invisible without opening the AT&T Office@Hand for Desktop app. The status can be updated right from the Windows system tray or Mac OS X’s dock.


      Change DND and presence status via desktop app for Windows

    • Windows 10 Notifications Support

      Ability to view notification in Windows 10 UI style

      Windows 10 notifications support


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