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Assisted Provisioning for Polycom IP Phones
Article #5742

How do I use the Assisted Provisioning feature for my Polycom IP Phone?

Assisted Provisioning is one of the features that you can use to setup your phones in your Office@Hand online account.  This will guide you in provisioning your Polycom IP phones.

Note:  You need to be an account administrator to perform the following procedure.

  1. Log in to your Office@Hand online account.
  2. Under Phone System, click Phones & Devices.

  3. Select the device that needs to be provisioned.
  4. Click Setup and Provision.

  5. Choose the correct model of the device that you need to provision then click Next.

    IMPORTANT:  Follow the procedure for resetting your Polycom Device. This will erase any previous configurations you have made on the IP Phone.

  6. Enter the MAC Address of your Polycom IP phone in the field provided.

  7. Follow the steps as shown on the instructions below. Once done just click Next.

    Once it’s done a confirmation will display that your device has been provisioned successfully.

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