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Transitioning to the AT&T Office@Hand Unified Mobile App with Video & Phone
Article #32994

This article provides the upgrade process for AT&T Office@Hand phone app for mobile as it is upgraded with video and phone features.

Upgrade Process for the AT&T Office@Hand Mobile App (iOS & Android)

  • Users with automatic upgrades will receive the new app when it launches.
  • Users without automatic upgrades will be prompted to update to a new version.
  • At some point in the future, we will do a forced upgrade for those who have not upgraded.
  • After installing the new app, users can remove the standalone meetings app.

What to expect?

Users update to the new Unified Mobile App. At the end of the install:

  1. User will be logged out of the app after upgrade
  2. User logs back into the app
  3. “What’s New” message appears to highlight “Call and Meet” in one app

What’s changing:

Calling: Your existing calling features will be available under the ‘phone’ tab. We’re also adding new calling features including warm transfer and three-way calling.

Fax: Fax functionality will be available under the ‘call’ tab. We are removing the ‘documents’ section for storing unsent faxes. Faxes can still be uploaded directly. Please remove any documents you need access to before updating to the new app in April 2020.

  • Use Siri to make outbound calls (iOS)
  • Warm Transfer Call: Ask another party before transfer call
  • Multiple Calls: Add another call into current call
  • Ad Hoc Conferencing: Add additional participants to an existing call
  • Custom Ringtone: Select a ringtone for the app instead of the default one

Fax functionality will be available under the ‘call’ tab.

Meetings: A new ‘video’ tab will be added that includes features from the standalone AT&T Office@Hand Meetings app, plus the ability to ‘call me’ when joining a meeting. The standalone AT&T Office@Hand Meetings app will no longer be required and can be uninstalled.

New ‘Video Tab’ with the same features:

  • One-click to start or join a meeting
  • Outlook and Gmail integration
  • Mobile video and screen share

Standalone AT&T Office@Hand Meetings app no longer required

New ‘Video Tab’ with the same features

How to ensure a smooth transition?

  1. Start communicating with your users now, so they are prepared for the update in late April. Here are some email templates you can use:
    Email Templates
  2. You and your users will be invited to download the latest versions of the mobile app in late April 2020. Save the documents on your AT&T Office@Hand mobile app account to your device before updating. Users will need to re-login to the app after updating.
  3. In a few months, there will be a mandatory migration for any users who have not updated.

Where to download the apps?

AT&T Office@Hand download page: