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Number Porting – Transfer your Local Number to AT&T Office@Hand
Article #3887

Starting a number transfer request for Local Number. This article will guide you on how to submit a Number Transfer Request. If you have an existing phone number from another carrier that you want to transfer to AT&T Office@Hand, you can set this up through your AT&T Office@Hand Online account.

Transfer your Local Number to AT&T Office@Hand

IMPORTANT: If you are transferring a number with SMS feature, your service may be interrupted for 72 hours on completion of the number transfer request.

  1. Log in as an Administrator to your AT&T Office@Hand online account.
  2. Go to Admin Portal > Phone System > Phone Numbers > Transferred and Vanity.
  3. Click the Transfer Numbers button.
  4. Select Local US Number.
  5. A prompt will appear “On numbers porting completion your Additional Numbers plan may be changed and this will cause extra monthly fee.” Click Confirm to proceed.
  6. Answer seven (7) preliminary questions and click on the applicable radio button as Yes or No, then click Next.
    Note: These questions must be answered correctly as they are crucial in successfully porting the telephone numbers. A remark will be indicated below the question once a specific answer is selected.

    Refer to the table below for more information:

    Question Remarks
    Are the numbers you are transferring ACTIVE with your current Service Provider?
    • Only ACTIVE and SUBSCRIBED numbers are allowed to be transferred.
    • In the event that NO has been chosen, the online request will not proceed.
    Do you have the latest bill ready to be uploaded for the number you are transferring?
    • If you select NO, it means that you do not have a copy of your bill to upload. Please understand that AT&T Office@Hand may ask for it at another time to assist with the correction of any rejections. This may also delay the processing time if we need to gather further information at a later date.
    Do you currently have DSL/Broadband on any of the numbers you are transferring?
    • Telephone Numbers with an associated DSL/Broadband on them will either be rejected OR will process but you will lose your internet service.
    Are you transferring more than one local number?
    • Transferring multiple numbers coming from one account with your service provider, requires that all concerns or issues on those local numbers be addressed first before proceeding with the request for number transfer.
    Do you currently have any open orders with your current Service Provider?
    • If you select Yes, you will need to cancel all open orders with your current provider.
    Are you transferring all of your numbers from your current Service Provider?
    • An option to transfer all numbers to AT&T Office@Hand.
    Have you received your AT&T Office@Hand phones?
    • Select Yes if:
      – You have received the phones and they are ready for use
      – You are transferring numbers to a phone you already have
      – You are using this number strictly for porting purposes
      – You will be using the AT&T Office@Hand desktop app
    • If you select No, please come back later to request your number to be transferred after you have received and activated your phones.


  7. Enter the Billing Telephone Number (main number of your account with your current provider).
  8. Under Enter numbers you would like to transfer, enter the phone numbers (other than your Billing Telephone Number*) in your existing account that you would like to transfer to your AT&T Office@Hand account, then click Next.
    Note: Do not include your Billing Telephone Number on the list in the field provided. If you want to include your Billing Telephone Number in the transfer request, click the box I want to transfer my Billing Telephone Number. If it’s the only number in the account, leave the Enter numbers you would like to transfer field blank.
  9. Choose the date when the number will be transferred. Once transfer date has been selected, you have to select a temporary number. The temporary number will be replaced after the number has been completely ported to AT&T Office@Hand.
    IMPORTANT: Grayed out dates and bank holidays cannot be chosen as these dates are not applicable for the service delivery of our providers. The selection will be the exact date of transfer provided there is no rejection from the losing carrier. In the event that the request gets rejected, the Transfer date will then be moved to a later date.
  10. Enter the telephone number’s Account Information based on its customer service records. Ensure that all information is accurate to avoid rejections due to information mismatch.
  11. Upload a copy of the latest bill of the number being transferred and then click Next. You may opt to upload this later if you do not have a copy of your latest bill.
  12. If you are not transferring all of your phone numbers in the same Billing Account Number, you can list the remaining phone numbers in the Additional Comments box, and the action to be taken for each phone number (Remain, disconnect, ext.). You can also provide any additional information or instructions to support a successful number transfer experience..
  13. Enter your Email Address on the field provided if you would like to receive the porting notifications emails. If you would like to have the system administrators receive the porting notifications emails, tick the checkbox “I also want the system admin user to receive emails”.
  14. Sign the Letter of Authorization and click Next.
  15. Click Complete.

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