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Call Park – Set Up Park Locations | AT&T Office@Hand
Article #8277

Set Up Park Locations through AT&T Office@Hand Online Account+

Park Locations allow a specific group of people to park a call in a private location that only specific individuals can pick up. To be able to do this, they must be added as authorized members of a specific Park Location Group in the AT&T Office@Hand online account.

Note: Up to 100 Park Location groups can be added to the AT&T Office@Hand online account.

Sample Scenario

CEO’s assistant answers a call on behalf of CEO, who is on another call. Assistant parks the call on a specified Park Location. CEO can then pick up the call on his phone.

In this scenario, the CEO must allow the Assistant to answer calls on his behalf by setting up
Presence Permissions. The Assistant must set up his Presence Appearance to show the CEO’s Presence status on his phone. When he picks up a call, he can then transfer the call to a specific Park Location.

Quick Link: Presence Overview

Follow these steps to add and set up a park location through the AT&T Office@Hand online account. Click on the link for more information.

Setting up a Park Location
Setting up Presence Appearance
Parking a Call
Retrieving a Parked Call
Frequently Asked Questions

Setting Up a Park Location

  1. Log in to your AT&T Office@Hand online account.
  2. Go to Phone System > Groups > Park Locations.
  3. Click New Park Location.
  4. Specify the Extension Number and the Group Name. Click Save.
  5. Click Yes to add Users that can park calls to the Park Location.
  6. Click Users of this park location.

    Click Users of this park location.

  7. Click on the names of the Users that will be added to the list. Click Save.
  8. Click OK.
    The Alert window shows a reminder to set-up the User’s Presence Appearance.
  9. Click Done.

Send Call to a Park Location | Desktop App+

You may send a call to a Park Location so any User can pick it up by dialing the extension where the call is parked. You have 2 Park Location options: public and private.

Public Park Location

When you choose to send a call to a Public Park Location, the extension where the call is announced is shown in the pop-up window, and is announced through your AT&T Office@Hand Desktop App. The Call Park location will be shown and announced repeatedly until you click OK.

Private Park Location

A Private Park Location is an extension on your account where assigned Users can send and retrieve parked calls. Only the Users assigned to a Park Location Group will be able to send and receive calls from it. Administrators can assign and remove a User from a Park Location Group.

Note: In order for you to have the option to select the Park Location extension when using the Call Park feature, you must first add the Park Location’s extension to the Head-Up Display (HUD) list. If there is no Park Location extension in your HUD list, clicking on Call Park will always send your call to the Public Park Location.
See Park Locations | AT&T Office@Hand Desktop App for more information.


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