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Viewing the Number of External Calls Made by Mobile Users in the Admin Portal │ AT&T Office@Hand
Article #95791

This article provides instructions for viewing the number of calls a mobile user has made using the Admin Portal.

A Mobile User is a user extension without an assigned DigitalLine. A Mobile User’s outbound calling capability is only available via the AT&T Office@Hand Mobile, limiting up to ten free inbound or outbound calls.

A mobile user will be charged if it makes/receives more than ten outbound/inbound calls within a billing cycle.

Administrators can view which Mobile users will be billed and usage details under the Billing tab.

NOTE: Mobile Users cannot make outbound calls via the AT&T Office@Hand App, Chrome app, and Web app. They will get the error message, Sorry, you can only make calls to your coworkers’ extensions. To make external calls, contact your company admin.

  1. Go to the Admin Portal and sign in.
  2. Go to Billing > Overview > General Usage.
  3. Click View History beside Mobile users.
  4. Click the dropdown arrow to filter by Billing period or Date range.
    • If you filter by Billing period, you can set the billing period to current, previous, or previous two periods.
    • If you filter by Date range, you can set the date range to current or other date ranges on the list.
  5. Click Apply to view the Name, Extension number, and the number of external calls it placed.
  6. You can also send a report with detailed information on the phone calls placed to your email. Enter your email address in the space provided, and click Send.

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