Private: Rave Guardian & Rave Messenger

Learn how to set up and use Rave Guardian and Rave Messenger. Access our convenient self-help tools to learn how to keep your family safe and to set up email, text messaging and phone communications using Rave to enhance safety and communication at your school.

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Viewing an alert’s summary using the Rave Messenger web interface

  1. Click/tap Reports.
    Note: The Alerts tab is selected by default.

  2. Click/tap on the alert you would like to review.

  3. The summary for the alert displays.
  4. To view responses to the alert, click/tap on the number link below “Responses”.

  5. The details of the responses display.
  6. To return to the summary page, click/tap Alert Summary Overview.

  7. To view the details of the alert, click/tap Details.

  8. The details of the alert display.
  9. Scroll down the page to view all alert details.
  10. When you have completed reviewing the details, click/tap Alert Summary Overview to return to the summary page.

  11. To return to the Dashboard, click/tap Dashboard.