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View the Participants in AT&T Office@Hand Meetings
Article #60252

This article discusses how to view the meeting participants in an AT&T Office@Hand Meetings session.

During an ongoing AT&T Office@Hand Meetings video meeting, any participant may check who the other participants are. This is especially helpful when there are more than 16 participants at the meeting.

The main screen in AT&T Office@Hand Meetings displays 16 participants at a time. When using the Gallery or Filmstrip view, you can click the navigation buttons at the top to see the other participants listed on other pages.

If you want to see a list of all the participants instead, click Participants from the in-meeting controls. From there you will see the names and the total number of participants in the Participants tab. You can search for a specific person by typing their name on the search field. Up to 999 participants can be listed.

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