AT&T Fleet Management for Enterprise/Government

AT&T Fleet Management for Enterprise (AFMFE) delivers real results with GPS tracking information to enable fleets to be more efficient, profitable and customer focused. Vehicle tracking, optional vehicle engine and performance data, and extensive reporting assist in optimizing business operations.

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Verify an NFC reader functionality in AT&T Fleet Management for Enterprise/Government

Note: This solution is intended for informational purposes only. AT&T does not offer support for the installation of third party hardware. For further support please reach out to a professional installer.

  1. Touch a valid NFC Tag to the reader.
  2. The LED on the reader flashes twice to indicate it has read the tag.
    Note: For additional tags, touch each tag one at a time to the reader.

    Image of steps 1 and 2.

  3. Access from a smartphone or PC.
  4. Click in the field under “Installer name:” and enter your name.
  5. Click in the field under “Installer Company:” and enter your companies name.
  6. Click in the field under “Device Serial No:” and enter your reader’s serial number.
  7. Click on the Log Install button.

    Image of stpes 3 through 7.

  8. The status displays.
    Note: Green text with the last valid GPS record, or Red text which indicates that the device is unable to communicate.