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Using the Call Log feature on Your Mobile App
Article #2804

How do I use the Call Log feature on my mobile app?

Call Logs are used to track incoming and outgoing calls in your account. The Office@Hand Mobile App allows you to view your call logs once you have started using your AT&T Office@Hand service.

Note: If you are using your Office@Hand Mobile App as an Administrator, the Call Log feature synchronizes with your Online Account. Once you delete any logs from your Mobile App, you will not be able to retrieve it.

This article demonstrates how you can use Call Log on your Office@Hand Mobile App.

  1. Launch the Office@Hand Mobile App on your device.

  2. Tap Call Log.

    Note: The Call Log badge displays the number of missed call/s Call badge (if there are any).

    From the Call Log section of your Office@Hand Mobile App, you can perform the following functions. Click on the links below for specific instructions.

    Understanding the Call Log icons
    Send Text or Fax
    Block or Unblock Number
    Clear the Call Logs
    Filter your Call Logs

Call Log Icons

The following are the icons that define the direction and type of action in your Call Logs:

  Incoming Call
Outgoing Call
Missed Call
Incoming Fax
Outgoing Fax



To place a phone call from the Office@Hand Mobile App’s Call Logs, follow the steps below:

  1. On the Call Log, choose a number and tap on the  icon.

  2. Tap the Call  button next to the number that you wish to call.

    Your call should now be connecting.

Send Text or Fax

To send an SMS or Fax message from one of the numbers in your Office@Hand Mobile App’s Call Logs section, follow the steps below:

  1. On the Call Log menu, choose a number and tap on the   icon.
  2. See below:
    • To send a Text Message (SMS), tap Send Text.

    • To send a Fax Message, tap Send Fax.

  3. Compose your text or fax on the field provided. Tap Send.

Block or Unblock Number

Note: This feature only applies to contacts that are not saved in your address book.

  1. On the Call Log, choose a number that you want to block and tap on the    icon.
  2. Tap on Block Number.

  3. A confirmation window appears. Tap Continue to proceed.

    Note: Once the number is blocked, you can unblock it by clicking on Unblock option.

    And then tap Continue to proceed.

Clear the Call Logs

Note:  Clearing the Call Logs from the Office@Hand Mobile App will permanently delete ALL Call Log entries. This will also delete call logs from your Online Account.

  1. Tap on the    Trash Bin.

  2. Tap Yes.

Filter what you see in your Call Log

Note:  You need to have Administrator access to perform these actions.

  1. Tap the    Filter icon.

  2. You can choose to see your Personal Extension’s Call Logs or your Company Call Logs.

  3. Tap Done to set the filter.
    Note:  Users logged in as an Administrator will see their Personal Extension’s Call Log by default.

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