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Call Park – Access Park Locations | AT&T Office@Hand Mobile App
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How can I park calls using the AT&T Office@Hand Mobile app on my iOS or Android device? How can I retrieve parked calls using the Mobile app on my phone? Where can I access Parked Locations on my AT&T Office@Hand Mobile app?

Access Park Locations on AT&T Office@Hand Mobile App

The AT&T Office@Hand Mobile app allows you to park a call or retrieve a parked call. This helps you save time from going back and forth your desk phone and the AT&T Office@Hand Desktop App on your computer to either park or retrieve a parked call.

Note: The feature can be accessed on your iOS or Android device only when Park Locations have been properly configured and set up.

IMPORTANT: You have to be in an active call for this feature to work.

Go to Call Park – Park and Retrieve a Call from a Park Location | AT&T Office@Hand Mobile App to learn how you can park and/or retrieve a call from AT&T Office@Hand Mobile app.

Access Park Locations on your AT&T Office@Hand Mobile app

Your parked calls can be viewed from the More menu on your Mobile app, as demonstrated by the steps below:

  1. Log in to your AT&T Office@Hand Mobile App.
  2. Tap More.

    Tap More.

  3. Tap Park Locations to view the list of parked calls.

    Tap Park Locations to view the list of parked calls.

    The Parked Locations screen displays your parked calls. The Pickup button will be grayed out when there is no parked call on Park Location extension.

    The Parked Locations screen displays your parked calls.

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