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User Express Setup | AT&T Office@Hand
Article #10912

This article describes the Express Setup feature on the AT&T Office@Hand. When a new User account has been created, the User will receive an email that contains a link to the account activation page, and the Express Setup tool. The Express Setup tool will assist User with setting up their User Info, Regional Settings, Call Forwarding Settings, and Voicemail Greetings.

User Express Setup

  1. Activate your account and set up Account Security
  2. Setting Up User Info
  3. Setting Up Call Forwarding
  4. Setting Up Voicemail Greeting
  5. Review

Activate your account and set up Account Security

  1. Click the activation link from your email.
  2. Create a Password used to log in to your online account. Follow the Password Criteria when creating a password.
    Note: For Google-tagged accounts, you may skip setting up a AT&T Office@Hand password and log in to your account using your Google account. Go to Login Integrations | AT&T Office@Hand for more information about using Google email as your login.
  3. Create a PIN used to check your voicemail messages via the phone. Follow the PIN Criteria when creating a PIN.
  4. Select a Security Question and enter your Answer.
  5. Make sure you have read and accepted AT&T’s Terms of Service, and then click Continue.

    Your account is now activated. Set up your AT&T Office@Hand System starting with your User Info.

Setting Up User Info

  1. Click User Info.
  2. Review User Info details, and edit as needed. Once done, click Continue.
  3. Review Regional Settings, and edit as needed. Once done, click Continue.
  4. Enter Emergency Calling – Registered Location. Once done, click Agree and Continue.

Setting Up Call Forwarding

  • You can click Skip or Add Phones to set up your Call Forwarding.
    If you select Add Phones, you can click Just Ring My Desk Phone to route all incoming calls to your phone and to proceed on setting up Voicemail Greeting.
  • You can also click Add Devices to set up another phone to receive calls. Selecting this option allows you to set the Call Handling whether Simultaneously or Sequentially. Click Next when done.
    Note: You may skip the steps any time.

Setting Up Voicemail Greeting

Callers will hear a default company greeting when they dial your company number.

  • Click Keep Default to keep the default greeting or click Customize to record a customized one. You can either Record Over the Phone or Import an audio file.
  • You will then be asked to review your details. Click Save.


After completing the setup, you can still click Change any time to modify your information. If you don’t have changes or when done reviewing, scroll down and click Finish Setup.

When setup is finished, you have the option where you can download the mobile apps and the free AT&T Office@Hand Desktop App. Click Finish to exit.

You can now go to your account and use your AT&T Office@Hand account once setup is complete. You can also modify your settings anytime in your online account.

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