Box from AT&T

Box from AT&T allows you to store your content on the cloud and launch it via your laptop, smartphone or tablet. Once your content is safely stored you can share your work with users inside or outside your organization. Learn what Box can do for you.

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User email notification using Box from AT&T

Note: Email notifications alert you when your collaborators interact with files.

1.     Click the profile icon at the top right of the page.


Image of step 1.

2.     Click Account Settings in the drop-down menu.


Image of step 2.

3.     Click the Sharing link near the top of the page.


Image of step 3.

4.     Scroll down to the “Enable Notifications” section.


Image of step 4.

5.     Click the checkbox to the right of the user action(s) you want to receive notifications for.


Image of step 5.

6.     Click the Save Changes button at the top right.

Note: Settings in this tutorial apply to your entire account. You can give specific folders more granularity by setting notifications at that level.


Image of step 6.