AT&T Collaborate

AT&T Collaborate – Enhanced Mobile is a Fixed Mobile Convergence solution that provides business, desk phone features on mobile phones. Improve mobile communications with your customers and collaborators by providing your high-definition voice business smartphone users the tools they need when connected to the AT&T VoLTE network.

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Use Flexible Seating with AT&T Collaborate

With the AT&T Collaborate SM service, you can manage your flexible seating settings. Your administrator creates a guest profile for you so that you can work with a flexible seating host device. You then associate your guest profile with a host device.

When you make or receive calls from a host device, the system uses your Collaborate phone number and your call policies and services. When you’re logged in to a host device, your primary phone still works as expected.

For example, say that your company has drop-in work spaces with phones set up as flexible seating host devices. With the flexible seating guest service, you can use the phone in the drop-in space as if it were your primary phone.

With the Collaborate service, you can associate your profile with a host device by using:

  • The soft keys on the host device
  • The voicemail menu
  • The Collaborate homepage

Associate your profile with a flexible seating host device

  1. On the Collaborate homepage, on the left menu, click Features. The Features page appears.
    In the Flexible Seating section, do 1 of these things:
  2. If this is the first time you’re using the feature, click Set up.
    To make changes, click Edit.
    The Flexible Seating page appears.
    Note: If you’ve already set up Flexible Seating, you can turn it on or off under Status.
  3. You can specify an Unlock phone PIN code for the associated host device. The PIN lets you lock and unlock the associated host device. Before you can end the host-guest association, the phone must be unlocked using this code.
    Note: This is not the PIN you use to log in to the host device to create an association. To log in to the host device using the phone keypad, enter the PIN you use to access Collaborate features, such as voicemail. Use the Unlock phone PIN code only to unlock an associated host device.
  4. Select your guest device. The guest device must be the same as the make and model of the host device.
  5. Select the audio codec, Internet options, and call waiting indicator, as applicable.
  6. Set the amount of time you want to associate with the host device.
  7. Select the host device you want to use. You can associate with only one host at a time.
  8. Turn device settings on or off, as applicable.
  9. Click Save.