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Deskphones – Cisco/Linksys Assisted Provisioning Failed | AT&T Office@Hand
Article #4599

How do I resolve Assisted Provisioning Failed errors when provisioning Cisco and Linksys phones

Error Message: “Assisted Cisco/Linksys IP Device Provisioning – Failed”; “Sorry, but we can’t provision your phone device”


  1. Log in to your AT&T Office@Hand Account
  2. Go to Phone System > Phones & Devices.
  3. Click the Cisco/Linksys device that you wish to provision.
  4. Click Setup and Provision.
  5. Select phone model from the drop-down list. Click Next.
  6. Enter the device’s IP address. Follow the onscreen instructions to find the IP address of your device.
  7. Click Next.
  8. On the Assisted Cisco/Linksys Device Provisioning – Step 3 screen, take note of the JavaScript run applet and/or pop-up that shows up at the bottom of the screen.

    take note of the JavaScript run applet and/or pop-up that shows up at the bottom of the screen.

  9. Click Show all content. Wait for the online account page to reload.
    Note: If you don’t click Show all content, all the data previously selected and/or entered will not be transmitted. This causes the Error to occur.

These steps apply to the following phone models:

Cisco Linksys 1001 ATA
Cisco Linksys 2000 ATA
Cisco Linksys 2102 ATA
Cisco Linksys 3000 ATA
Cisco Linksys 3102 ATA
Cisco Linksys 921 Phone
Cisco Linksys 941 Phone
Cisco Linksys 942 Phone
Cisco Linksys 962 Phone
Cisco Linksys PAP2-NA ATA
Cisco Linksys PAP2T ATA
Cisco SPA-122 ATA
Cisco SPA-301 Desk Phone
Cisco SPA-303 Desk Phone
Cisco SPA-501G Desk Phone
Cisco SPA-502G Desk Phone
Cisco SPA-504G Desk Phone
Cisco SPA-508G Desk Phone
Cisco SPA-509G Desk Phone
Cisco SPA-525G2 Desk Phone
Cisco SPA525G Advance Executive Color IP Phone
Cisco SPA922 1-line IP Phone

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