AT&T Control Center

Learn how to manage your company’s SIMs using AT&T Control Center.

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Sorting device list columns using the AT&T Control Center web portal

You can sort the device list in several ways.

  1. Click Devices.

    Click Devices.

  2. Click the title of the desired column to sort.

Sorting options:

  • Sort by Modem ID
    • Modem IDs are now listed with numerical locations first, then alphabetical.

      Modem ID

  • Sort SIMs by customer

    Sort by Customer

  • Sort by cycle to date usage
    • Click Cycle to Date Usage (MB) twice. 
    • The usage displays in order of greatest to least.

      Sort by cycle to date usage

  • Sort by date added 
    •  The default is to be sorted by late date added. Sorting again will sort by oldest date added.
    • The devices are sorted in reverse order.

      Sort by date added 

  • Sort by SIM number
    • The SIM numbers will be sorted with the smallest number first to the largest number.
    • Clicking SIM number again will sort with the largest number first to the smallest number.

      Sort by SIM number

  • Sort SIMs by status
    • Scroll to the right.

      Sort SIMs by status