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Shared Lines ­ Overview | AT&T Office@Hand
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Shared Lines feature allows calls made to one phone number to be answered by multiple phone devices. Answered calls can easily be handed off to other phones sharing the same phone number. This feature is a commonly required function in many industries, such as retail, restaurant, warehouse, etc.


  • Allow calls and lines to be shared among multiple desk phones; answer calls on any phone.
  • Place a call on hold then pick up from another phone.
  • Supports up to 8 lines with 16 phones with any combination between (1 x 1) and (8 x 16).
  • Compatible with all AT&T Office@Hand Polycom phone devices.


  • Efficiently distribute incoming calls within a specific group.
  • Easily reach a person at different phones without the need of call transfers.
  • Eliminate any missed calls. Simply answer calls on any phone.
  • Easy to add and modify a Shared Lines group over the cloud, anywhere, anytime.
  • Included for free to all AT&T Office@Hand Editions. No additional cost to pay for this function.
  • Better branding and communications. All outbound calls from a Shared Line group will have a consistent phone number instead of individual numbers or extensions.

Note: This free feature is available to all AT&T Office@Hand Editions and New Sign Ups. Additional cost may apply for new phone line and device purchases.

Use Case Scenario


A local restaurant has set up all phones to ring simultaneously at the front desk, the bar and the kitchen. A call comes in and all phones ring at the same time.

  • The hostess is busy in seating customers and away from the front desk.
  • The restaurant manager is at the bar. She answers the call at the bar by simply pressing the line key which is flashing on the phone.
  • The Manager greets the caller and then put the line on hold. The hostess is back at the front desk and notices that there is call on hold.
  • The hostess then picks up the line and assists the caller with his reservation.

Benefits: There will be no missed calls from your customers since you can answer incoming calls from any phone.


A local hardware store offers a toll-­free number for all incoming calls which is assigned to a group of 10 phones that share phone lines.

  • When call to this toll­-free number comes in, all 10 phones ring.
  • An available cashier answers a call in line #3 which a customer wants to check out the availability of a certain lawn mower.
  • The cashier then places the line #3 on hold and informs the colleague who is in charge at the garden section e.g. using the paging feature
  • The representative picks up the line #3 at the nearest phone and assists the customer immediately.

Benefits: You can increase communications efficiency by sharing lines and phones among peers.

The scenarios above are just a few examples of the many benefits of sharing lines in your Office@Hand account.

System Requirements

  • A digital line is required for each line in a Shared Line group.
  • Polycom desk phones only. No Cisco desk phone is supported.

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