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Call Queue – Set Up Call Handling for Business Hours and After Hours | AT&T Office@Hand
Article #3876

This article provides information on how to customize your AT&T Office@Hand Call Queue settings via Web. Each call queue can have an extension or direct (local or toll-free) number of its own. You can define specific business hours for each call queue and set up email or text message notifications of any missed calls or voicemail messages.

Call Queue – Set Up Call Handling for Business Hours and After Hours

Call queues allow you to distribute calls to custom groups or departments you set up. Create a call queue when you want a specific group of users (such as Sales, Support or Billing) to share incoming calls.
Note: Only Account Administrators can set up and configure call queues.

This article discusses how to access and configure the Call Handling section of a Call Queues group. Click the links for more information.

Accessing the Call Handling Section of a Call Queue

Call Queue – Access the Call Handling Section | AT&T Office@Hand

Setting Up the Call Queue’s Call Handling Rule

  • Call Queue Hours
    1. Deciding how calls get transferred to group members
    2. Audio While Connecting
    3. Hold Music
    4. Member Availability and Hold Times
  • After Hours
    Call Queue – Set Up Call Handling | After Hours | AT&T Office@Hand

    1. Play Greeting and Disconnect
    2. Send Callers to Call Queue Voicemail
    3. Unconditional Call Forwarding
    4. Connect to a Specified Extension

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