AT&T Business Messaging

Learn how to use your AT&T Business Messaging service. Receive tips on how to log in to the AT&T Business Notification Center website to build lists and send messages, or integrate with notification applications. Use our step by step walk-throughs to learn how to create, edit, import, and export both contacts and groups.

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Set your message defaults for your profile in AT&T Business Notification Center

  1. Access the AT&T Business Notification Center.
  2. At the top right of the page, click the Profile icon Profile icon.

    Step 2 image is highlighting profile icon.

  3. Click Edit Profile.

    Step 3 image, click edit profile.

  4. Click Message Defaults.

    Step 4 image to click message defaults

  5. Click the radio button to the left of “Expires in:”.

    Step 5 image, click the radio button to choose message expiration time

  6. Move the dial right to increase time and/or left to decrease time.
  7. Once the appropriate expiration time is selected, click Save.

    Steps 6 & 7 image, choose message expiration time.

  8. A message populates to confirm the preferences are updated.
  9. Click Ok.

    Steps 8 & 9 image to confirm the change.