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Fax – Sending and Receiving Faxes from a Fax Machine | AT&T Office@Hand
Article #3816

Your AT&T Office@Hand account feature, which would allow you to send and receive faxes through your online account or your existing email account. Be able to receive your fax messages on a traditional fax machine by purchasing a digital line and an ATA or analog telephone adapter.

It is possible to use traditional fax machines with AT&T Office@Hand internet fax service. Here are some guidelines to ensure the best possible connection with our service:

  • Users are charged minutes for usage
  • You can also send outbound faxes from your PC, via e-mail or the web.
  • Use an analog telephone adapter (ATA) when receiving faxes using a traditional fax machine.
  • A DigitalLine has to be associated with the ATA.
  • If you need to purchase one, you can do so in the service site under Phone System > Phones & Devices. Click on the “Add Device” button for User Phones.
  • Minimal configuration is needed if you wish to use AT&T Office@Hand Internet Fax for inbound.

Additional tips:

Dedicated Phone Line for Fax

  • Avoid using DSL phone filters and phone splitters. Either item may interfere with the ability of the fax machine to answer or receive a fax.
  • Use a dedicated fax phone line to ensure that the receiving fax machine is always available. Do not share this line with additional phones. Some answering machines and caller ID devices can cause disruptions. The less equipment attached to a line, the better.

T38 Protocol

T38 is a FAX over IP protocol that describes how to send fax over a data network. This is needed because fax data cannot be sent over a computer data network in the same way as voice.

  • If you want to use traditional fax machine with your VoIP phone. Use a VoIP gateway and an ATA (Analog Telephony Adapter) that supports T38 protocol that is designed to allow fax to travel over a VoIP network.
  • Use a short phone cord to minimize the chance of signal loss.

Fax Machine Advanced Settings

  • Most fax machines have an “overseas” mode that may help resolve partially received faxes. It will lower the baud rate of the fax machine andturn off Error Correction Mode (ECM). If there is no overseas mode, adjust the BAUD rate to 9600 or slower, and turn off the ECM to get the same results.

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