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Secure VoIP ­ Frequently Asked Questions | AT&T Office@Hand
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Secure VoIP Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Secure VoIP?
    Secure VoIP allows AT&T Office@Hand customers to place and receive encrypted voice calls for a more enhanced and strengthened security and privacy.
  2. What type of security protocol does it use?
    Secure VoIP utilizes the SRTP and TLS security protocol.
  3. Does it come active after the phone is provisioned?
    This will be automatically added to existing accounts. Your IT administrator will receive an email regarding when the upgrade will take place and what to do to ensure your firewall settings are updated.
  4. What devices does it support?
    It supports the AT&T Office@Hand mobile app, and Certified Desk Phones for Secure VoIP.
  5. Is it possible to have a mix of supported and unsupported devices?
    Yes, but secure VoIP can only be activated for devices that support the feature.

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