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Screening, Greeting & Hold Music Overview | AT&T Office@Hand
Article #3788

The Screening, Greeting & Hold Music section lets you configure an extension’s call screening, personal greeting, hold music, and blocked number settings.

Administrators can configure this setting for other Users. Users can also configure this setting in their own Extension Settings.

Screening, Greeting & Hold Music – Overview

Users can go to Settings > Screening, Greeting & Hold Music to start configuring.

Administrators can go to Users > Users list, and then click on the User to configure before clicking Screening, Greeting & Hold Music.

Note: When the User Hours is set to Custom, the settings for the After Hours will have the same options.


Image of the screening greeting and hold music menu.

The following settings can be set up:

  • Set up User greeting – Enable this option when you want the system to answer the call with a recorded welcome message so callers know they’ve reached the right person. This is not a personal voicemail announcement.
  • Set up call screening – When this option is enabled, the callers are prompted to announce their names before the call gets connected, allowing you to either take the call or send it to your voicemail.

    Note: If this option is enabled you may need to set up your Incoming Call Information.

  • Set up connecting message – Set the recorded message you want callers to hear to let them know the call will now be transferred to your line. The connect prompt can be set to Default or Custom.
  • Set up Audio while connecting – Incoming calls will hear the music selection that is configured with this setting. The music selection callers will hear when they are placed on hold can be set in the Hold music selection. Please note that the “Audio while connecting” setting is applied on a rule basis, the “Hold music” setting is applied for all calls.
  • Set up hold music – Turn on this option when you want callers to hear music whenever you put the call on hold.
  • Blocked Calls – Screen calls more efficiently by blocking unwanted calls or faxes with this feature.

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