AT&T Control Center

Learn how to manage your company’s SIMs using AT&T Control Center.

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Running diagnostics on a SIM using the AT&T Control Center Web Portal

  1. Click Devices.Image of step 1.
  2. The page defaults to the “Device List”.
  3. In the box to the left of “Search”, enter the ICCID, customer name, Device Name, End Consumer ID, Customer, IMSI, Division, Company or Asset Type, and then click Search.Image of steps 2 and 3.
  4. The SIM information populates.
  5. Click the dropdown arrow below “Actions”, and then click Run Diagnostics.Image of steps 4 and 5.
  6. The diagnostics run and display the results.
    Note: If there are any errors, a red check mark will be displayed on the left along with the reason for the error listed below the specific diagnostic.Image of step 6.