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Company Settings – Company Info Overview | AT&T Office@Hand
Article #9451

The Company Info section of your online account provide general information about your company. This section of your account shows your Company Address, Caller ID Name and Directory information.

Administrators can access these sections on the Online account by going to the Admin Portal > Phone System.

Company Settings – Company Info Overview

Image of the company information menu.
Company Address

The Company Name and Address information listed on this section of your account will be used for publishing to Directory Listing if the service is available for your account.

Image of the company information menu.

Caller ID Name

The Caller ID Name name along with the phone number will be displayed to the called party whenever an outbound call is made using one of your local numbers as the Caller ID.

Note: Does not apply to Toll-Free Numbers.

IMPORTANT: The caller ID name should have a maximum 15 characters (letters, numbers and space). Special characters not allowed.

Image of the company ID menu.

Directory Assistance

Directory Assistance enables business details to be published in the National Local Directory Assistance. Once your company details are published, potential customers can readily locate your business. This is a free feature available for Office and Professional plans.

Image of the directory assistance menu.

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