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Billing Overview | AT&T Office@Hand
Article #2918

Getting to know the AT&T Office@Hand Billing

What is AT&T Office@Hand Billing?

The Billing tab leads to menus for managing your Service Plan, and permissions for International Calling. This article provides Account Administrators the information about the Billing settings that can be changed in the AT&T Office @Hand Online Account.

Note:  You need to call Customer Service if you need to change your Payment Method or credit card information.

Service Plan

Review particulars of your AT&T Office@Hand plan, Billing Plan, International Calling Credits and Additional Services.

Change Edition

Gives you information about the different advanced Editions and its features. It also gives you information on how to contact customer service for more information.

Change Plan

Changes your plan including modifying the number of Premium and Virtual users on your account.

Usage Info

Displays the account credits you have consumed for the current billing cycle. Included Toll Free Credits, Toll-Free Usage, Calling Credits, and International Calling minutes are displayed in this section.


This feature ensures that you will never run out of calling credits for making international calls. It lets you select a Calling Credits package of $20 or $100, which will be automatically renewed when you run low, thus preventing any interruption of service. Purchased funds will roll over month to month for up to 12 months. The price of international calls will vary according to the applicable international rate.

Cancel Service Plan

This section gives you information on how to contact customer service for cancellation of your service plan.

International Calling

This section is where you can enable, disable, and view international calling rates.

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