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Manually connecting your Cisco SPA 525g to the Wi-Fi Network
Article #5210

This article will guide you on how to manually connect the Cisco SPA525g or Cisco SPA525g2 to the Wi-Fi network.

To do this, follow the steps below:

Step 1: 
Press the Menu / Setup button on your Cisco phone.

Step 2: 
Scroll to Network Configuration and press Select.

Step 3: 
Highlight Wi-Fi, press the Left or Right Arrow key to toggle Wi-Fi on.

Step 4: 
Press the Set soft key.

Step 5: 
Scroll to Wi-Fi Configuration and press the Right arrow key.

Step 6: 
Choose Wireless Profile (the current wireless profiles are displayed).

Step 7:
Press the Scan soft key.

Step 8:
In the list of available networks, scroll to the desired network and press Add to select the highlighted network.
Step 9:
Depending on your network’s level of security, press the Right Arrow key under Security Mode to set the Security Options: WEP, WPA-PSK or WPA2-PSK.

NOTE:  This step is optional.

Step 10:
Press Set and Connect.

IMPORTANT:  You should now see the connection indicator on the device interface. An IP address should also be displayed indicating that your device is connected to the wireless network.

You have now connected the Cisco SPA525g or Cisco SPA525g2 to the wireless network.