AT&T Collaborate

AT&T Collaborate – Enhanced Mobile is a Fixed Mobile Convergence solution that provides business, desk phone features on mobile phones. Improve mobile communications with your customers and collaborators by providing your high-definition voice business smartphone users the tools they need when connected to the AT&T VoLTE network.

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Manage Messages and Announcements in AT&T Collaborate Enhanced Mobile

As an administrator for the AT&T Collaborate™ service, you can add audio files to a location’s announcement repository that features such as Auto Attendant and Music on Hold can use. You can also upload custom answer confirmation messages and pre-alerting announcements for your company.

Answer confirmation messages play when features with this option, such as Virtual Office, are turned on. So that the caller always hears the announcement, the pre-alerting announcement plays before the call recipient’s phone rings.

To use a custom answer confirmation message or pre-alerting announcement, you create and upload an audio file (in WAV format) to the announcement repository. For more information about the repository, see Manage Announcement Repository.

Note: The Pre-Alerting Announcement feature is available as an AT&T Collaborate a la carte service.


Create an answer confirmation message

The Answer Confirmation setting asks users to confirm when they answer a call. This is a convenient way to prevent a business call from ending up in a user’s personal voicemail when they forward calls to their mobile device or home phone number. Use Answer Confirmation for user features that route calls to an alternate destination, such as Virtual Office, Locate Me – Simultaneous Ring, and Locate Me – Sequential Ring.

When a call is routed to a Virtual Office or other destination, the user hears this default answer confirmation message: “Please press any digit to complete this call.”

To use a different message, such as one that tells users that this call was routed by their business service, create and apply a custom answer confirmation message.


  1. On the Collaborate homepage, in the Administration widget, click Answer Confirmation Settings. The Answer Confirmation Configuration page appears.
  2. Select Custom Announcement.
  3. Click Browse, and then locate and open the audio file you want to use for the announcement.
  4. Click Save.


Upload a custom pre-alerting announcement

When you assign a pre-alerting announcement to a user, callers hear a default (company- provisioned) announcement before the user’s phone rings. You can configure the Pre-Alerting Announcement feature so the caller can interrupt it. You can use the default announcement, or you can create a custom announcement.


  1. On the Collaborate homepage, in the Administration widget, click Pre-Alerting Announcement. The Pre-Alerting Announcement Settings page appears.
  2. If you want callers to be able to interrupt the pre-alerting announcement, select one of the following settings. Do not allow is selected by default.
    –         Interruption with any digit—Callers can press any digit to interrupt the message.
    –         Interrupt with digit sequence—Callers must press a digit pattern to interrupt the message.
  3. If you chose Interrupt with digit sequence, in the blank field, enter the digit pattern you want callers to use.
  4. To use a custom announcement, in the Audio Announcement section, select Custom Announcement. Click Browse, locate, and open the audio file you want to use.
  5. Click Save Changes.