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Lock Meetings Settings on the AT&T Office@Hand Online Account
Article #46715

This article provides instructions for administrators on how to lock AT&T Office@Hand Meetings settings.

Administrators can lock AT&T Office@Hand Meetings settings and enforce them for all users on the account. These settings will be grayed out on the AT&T Office@Hand Meetings app to avoid changes.

Administrators can set the default values for the following settings, and then “Lock” them, so that they cannot be changed by their users.

  • Join before host – Allow participants to join the meeting before the host arrives
  • Host video – Start meetings with host video on
  • Participants video – Start meetings with participant video on. Participants can change this during the meeting.
  • Audio Type – Determine how participants can join the audio portion of the meeting.
  • Mute participants upon entry – Automatically mute all participants when they join the meeting. The host controls whether participants can unmute themselves.
  • Always display “AT&T Office@Hand Meetings” as the meeting topic – Hide actual meeting topic and display “AT&T Office@Hand Meetings” for your scheduled meetings

How to Lock AT&T Office@Hand Meetings Settings

  1. Log in to the AT&T Office@Hand online account as an administrator.
  2. Go to Meetings > Meetings Settings.
  3. Click the lock icon across the setting that needs to be locked.
  4. Click Lock when prompted. You can also check Do not remind me again.

    Click Lock when prompted. You can also check Do not remind me again.

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