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Lock AT&T Office@Hand Meetings Settings
Article #60247

This article provides instructions for Administrators on how to lock settings for an AT&T Office@Hand Meeting.

Account admins can lock AT&T Office@Hand settings on Service Web and users won’t be able to change them before or during the meeting or while scheduling a meeting.

Follow the steps below to lock your AT&T Office@Hand meeting settings:

  1. Log in to your AT&T Office@Hand online account.
  2. Go to Meetings > Meetings Settings.
  3. Click the lock icon across the setting that needs to be locked. Once locked, users will see a locked icon next to the setting telling them it is managed by company admins.

Setting the locking mechanism will be supported on all the relevant endpoints:

  • AT&T Office@Hand Meetings on Web
  • AT&T Office@Hand App for Desktop
  • AT&T Office@Hand App for Mobile
  • AT&T Office@Hand Meetings Integrations
  • AT&T Office@Hand Meetings for Outlook

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