Box from AT&T

Box from AT&T allows you to store your content on the cloud and launch it via your laptop, smartphone or tablet. Once your content is safely stored you can share your work with users inside or outside your organization. Learn what Box can do for you.

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Lock a file for editing using Box from AT&T

1.       Navigate to the desired file.

Note: If the file is saved to the home page, skip to step 2.


Image of step 1.

2.       Hover over the file and click the more options icon Image of the more options icon. to the right.


Image of step 2.

3.       Click Lock in the drop-down menu.


Image of step 3.

4.       A pop-up window populates.

5.       Check the checkbox to the left of “Disable download” to prevent users from downloading the file until it’s unlocked.

Note: You can set a duration to have the file unlock automatically. To set a duration click the drop-down box to the right of “Lock duration:”, and then select the desired time frame.


Image of steps 4 and 5.

6.       Click the Lock button.


Image of step 6.

7.       A confirmation message displays and the lock icon displays.


Image of step 7.