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Large Meetings Overview for AT&T Office@Hand
Article #46717

This article describes the Large Meetings License add-on for your AT&T Office@Hand Account and how to purchase and assign these licenses.

Large Meeting allows a User to host unlimited online conferences with up to 200 participants per meeting. Every Participant in the meeting can have interactive facetime, screen sharing, and group chatting capability. Large Meeting is an available add-on to all AT&T Office@Hand accounts.

A purchased Large Meeting license needs to be assigned to a User. Once the Large Meeting license has been assigned to a User, the User can enjoy large marketing and sales meetings with customers, and host unlimited numbers of Large Meetings with up to 100 or 200 participants using AT&T Office@Hand Meetings.

Purchase a Large Meeting License

Follow the steps below to purchase a license for your users.

  1. On the Admin Portal page, click Billing > Meetings.
  2. Under Large Meeting, click Add Licenses.
  3. Click the + button under # of Licenses across your preferred license to add one (1) license, and then click Next.
  4. Review the charges. You may click Expand and/or the + sign to view more information about the charges. Click the acknowledge checkbox to confirm your order, and then click Next.
  5. The Order Confirmation window will show a summary of the charges and adjustments to your account. You may click Print to have a hard copy of the statement. Otherwise, click Done.

Assign a Large Meeting License

Once you have purchased a license, it will appear under Large Meeting in the Billings > Meetings section. Follow the steps below to assign the Large Meeting license to your users.

  1. Click the three-dots under the Action column, and then click Assign.
  2. Select the user you want to assign the license to, and then click Assign.

To reassign the Large Meeting license to a different user, click the three-dots again and then click Unassign. Repeat the above steps to reassign the license to the desired user.

To remove a Large Meeting license from your account, the Administrator should contact their account representatives.

Large Meetings Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there a limit to how many Large Meetings can be hosted?
  2. Should the Large Meeting License always be assigned to the System Administrator?
    The Large Meeting license can be assigned to any User in your account. The license is ready to be assigned to any User as soon as the license has been purchased.
  3. Can a Large Meeting license be shared?
    No. It needs to be assigned to a User (Extension). However, an Administrator can unassign the license from a User when the individual no longer needs to host larger meetings. The Administrator can then reassign the license to a different User who has the needs.
  4. Can I use Large Meetings for my Webinar events?
    Large Meetings and Webinars address different customer needs.

A Large Meeting is a many-to-many meeting wherein participants can interact with the other participants using video, audio, screen sharing, and chat within a meeting. There is no additional feature added to their current AT&T Office@Hand Meetings — the participant capacity has been increased to meet more people virtually.

A Webinar is a one-to-many meeting wherein participants have limited access. Participants can only do the following actions while on a webinar: listen to the presenter’s audio, view what the presenter is sharing, one-to-one chat (Q&A) with presenters, and respond to surveys within a meeting.

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