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Join the Meeting Audio in AT&T Office@Hand Meetings
Article #60248

This article discusses the various ways on how users can join the meeting audio in AT&T Office@Hand Meetings.

AT&T Office@Hand Meetings allows users to join the meeting audio using any of these three methods:

Join the meeting audio via computer audio

  1. After joining a meeting, click the Join audio icon.
  2. Click Computer from the pop-up window, then click Join audio by computer. Select Automatically join audio with the computer if you prefer this option to be the default audio source.

Join the meeting audio via Dial-in

  1. After joining a meeting, click the Join audio icon.
  2. Click the Dial in tab, then call the indicated “Dial-in” number. Follow the prompt in entering the Access code and Participant ID. If you are dialing from a different country, select your country from the drop-down menu. The “Dial in” number will update accordingly.

Join the meeting audio via Call Me

The Call Me feature allows a User to join or resume the meeting audio by receiving a phone call. Follow the steps below to learn how.

  1. After joining a meeting, click the Join audio icon.
  2. Click the Call me tab from the pop-up window. Enter your phone number, then click Call me. AT&T Office@Hand Meetings will call your phone for you to use the phone as an audio source. Select Remember this number so you will not have to enter your number the next time.
  3. When prompted, press “1” to join the meeting audio.

If a Participant joins the meeting before the Host and attempts to dial a non-US number using Call Me, the Participant will get an on-screen message stating “Dialed number not allowed”. If the Host has already joined and left the meeting, Participants will still be able to use the Call Me feature and switch their audio source.

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