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Invite Participants to an AT&T Office@Hand Meeting
Article #60048

Invite Participants to an AT&T Office@Hand Video Meeting+

This article provides instructions on how to invite participants to your video meeting on AT&T Office@Hand Video.

You can invite participants to join an active or scheduled meeting.

Invite participants to an active meeting

Follow the steps below to invite additional participants to an active meeting:

  1. Click Invite from the in-meeting controls.
  2. Choose your preferred method to send the invite:
    • Copy meeting link – copies the meeting URL to the clipboard so you can send it to your intended participants via email, text, chat, etc.
    • Copy meeting invite – copies the details of the meeting invite to the clipboard which can be sent via email or other preferred methods.
    • Invite by phone – enter the phone number of the intended participant then click Call.
    • Invite by email – generates the email invite which contains the meeting details such as the meeting URL and the phone numbers to join via phone.

Note: The above invite options are also accessible when you click Participants from the in-meeting controls.

Invite participants to a scheduled meeting

A meeting invite is generated containing the details when you schedule a meeting. Open the calendar where the meeting event is created and add the attendees in the calendar of your choice.

Invite Participants by Phone in AT&T Office@Hand Meetings+

This article discusses how to invite other users by phone to an AT&T Office@Hand Meetings video session.

The Invite by phone feature allows a user to invite another participant to join an AT&T Office@Hand Meetings video meeting by calling the phone of that User.

  1. After joining a meeting, click the Invite icon, and then select Invite by phone.
  2. Enter the participant’s telephone number, update the designated country if needed, and then click Call. You can check the Remember this number option, so you don’t have to enter this number next time.
  3. When prompted, press “1” to join the meeting. If you are a participant, you can only call out to international numbers after the host has joined the meeting. Otherwise, you will get an on-screen message stating “Dialed number not allowed”.


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