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Integrated Calling with AT&T Office@Hand
Article #9205

How do I answer a call to the Office@Hand app on my iOS device even if my phone is locked? How do I manage a call to my mobile number while I am on a call with the Office@Hand app?

The Office@Hand Mobile app includes a capability provided by Apple – CallKit, which gives the Office@Hand app more control of the mobile device when in a call, and allows the user to answer calls more easily when the device is locked. CallKit allows an ongoing Office@Hand call to remain active even if a second call comes to your mobile number while using the Office@Hand app.

The Office@Hand Integrated Calling feature makes it possible for an iOS device user to manage multiple calls without unlocking the screen, and without losing an ongoing call or an incoming call. A user can simply manage the feature by either enabling or disabling the Integrated Calling feature on your Office@Hand Mobile app settings.


When Users are on a Office@Hand call and a mobile call comes in, the iOS system overtakes the call and pushes the non-iOS apps or calls into the background, putting the Office@Hand call on hold. The call goes automatically on-hold or forces the user to fumble around trying to open the call from the push notification or navigate to another screen to interact with the incoming call in real-time.


With the latest version of Office@Hand for Mobile, iOS device Users are provided with a better call experience – an incoming screen appears, allowing them to interact with the call with 1-touch, either from a locked screen or when engaged in an active Office@Hand call.

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Key Features and Benefits
Bluetooth Support
Managing Integrated Calling via the Mobile app Call Settings
-View this section if you want to learn how to enable or disable Integrated Calling on your Mobile app.
Sample Screens
-When screen is locked
-During an active call
-When a call is accepted
Call Log visibility
Differentiating an Office@Hand Call from a personal call
What happens if I press the Power button during an active call?

Key Features and Benefits

The Office@Hand Integrated Calling feature makes it possible for iOS device Users to have a more elegant experience when interacting with or handling an incoming call from a locked screen or when on an active call.

Office@Hand calls will not be interrupted by mobile calls anymore. Remain connected to your Office@Hand call and choose to answer, end, send the incoming call to voicemail, or send a pre-filled message to the caller.
Answer Office@Hand (VoIP) calls without unlocking your phone screen.
Control your Office@Hand call using Bluetooth devices.


iOS version: iOS 10.x
Office@Hand  mobile app version: 8.3.1

Bluetooth Support

Native Bluetooth support is included for the wireless headset. This is beneficial for Users who want to make or handle calls in the car or while out of the office. The standard Bluetooth call controls on the headset allow the user to initiate or end a call.

Bluetooth support option

Managing Integrated Calling via the Mobile app Call Settings

Users who do not prefer their Office@Hand calls to appear on their phone’s call log may disable Integrated Calling by following the steps enumerated below. The same steps also apply when enabling this feature.
IMPORTANT: Office@Hand calls will be interrupted by incoming mobile calls when Integrated Calling is disabled.

  1. Log in to your Office@Hand Mobile App.
  2. Tap your Profile Picture.

    Tap your profile picture.

  3. Tap Call Settings.

    Tap Call Settings.

  4. Enable or disable Integrated Calling.

    Enable or disable Integrated Calling.

    Note: A user gets a notification on the screen when Integrated Calling is disabled. A warning also appears only once when the call gets interrupted.

    A notification appears when integrated calling is disabled.

Sample Screens

When screen is locked

A user can either Hold & Accept the incoming call or End the current call & accept or can send the incoming call to Voicemail. The user also has the ability to send a pre-filled message to the incoming caller. If the call is declined, the user reverts back to the original call.

When screen is locked, you hold and accept incoming call or end current call and accept.

During an active call

Users are presented with a simple black screen with several interactive buttons at the bottom.

During an active call you can accept, decline, message, or remind me

When a call is accepted

A white screen appears and provides all the functions Users are accustomed to in the Office@Hand Mobile app.

When a call is accepted, a white screen appears and provides all functions to the user.

Call Log visibility

When Integrated Calling is enabled then Office@Hand calls will be listed in the iOS device’s native call log. Missed calls are displayed in red, and Users can return a missed call by tapping a number on the call log. Office@Hand calls are labeled as “Office@Hand Audio” underneath the caller ID. The Users also have a set of standard features available to call or text a contact that is in the call log.
Note: You may disable Integrated Calling, however, this setting would cause your Office@Hand calls to be interrupted by incoming mobile calls.

Differentiating an Office@Hand call from a personal call

Office@Hand calls are displayed as “Office@Hand Audio” in the incoming call screen and in the native call log, whereas a personal call would only display a contact’s name or just a number. The table below displays this difference.

Office@Hand Call Personal Call

What happens if I press the Power button during an active call?

When handling a call, the ‘Power’ button can be used to turn off the display. However, it may terminate the call as described in the following scenario presented in the table below.

Power/Listening Mode Ear (Normal) Headset Speaker
Press the “Power” button Call Terminated Call continues, Display turned off Call continues, Display turned off

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