Private: Rave Guardian & Rave Messenger

Learn how to set up and use Rave Guardian and Rave Messenger. Access our convenient self-help tools to learn how to keep your family safe and to set up email, text messaging and phone communications using Rave to enhance safety and communication at your school.

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Initial setup of Rave Guardian for iPhone for a user not affiliated with a school

  1. From the home screen, launch the Rave Guardian application.
  2. You are asked if you would like to receive Push Notifications.
  3. Tap OK to allow Push Notifications or Don’t Allow to not receive them.

  4. Tap I am not with a school.

  5. Tap in the “First Name” field to activate the keypad.

  6. Using the keypad, enter your first name, and then tap Next.
  7. Enter your last name, and then tap Next.
  8. Enter your e-mail address, and then tap Next.
  9. Re-enter your e-mail address, and then tap Next.
  10. Enter a password.
    Note: The password must be a minimum of eight characters including one letter and one number.
  11. Tap Next.

  12. Re-enter the password.
  13. Tap Done.

  14. Tap Next.

  15. Tap the dropdown arrow to the right of “Security Question”.
  16. A listing of questions appears at the bottom of the screen.
  17. Tap Next and/or Previous to review the questions, or scroll through the list using your finger.
  18. Tap Done when you have found the Security Question you wish to answer.

  19. Tap in the field for the “Security Answer” to activate the keypad.
  20. Enter your security question answer, and then tap Next.
  21. Enter your mobile phone number, and then tap Next.
  22. Enter a 4 digit PIN, and then tap Next.

  23. Tap on the More Info link below “Terms”.
  24. Read the Rave Guardian Terms of Use.
  25. If you agree to the Terms of Use, tap the box to the left of “I agree to the Terms of Use”.
    Note: If you do not agree to the Terms of Use, you will not be able to continue setting up the application.
  26. Tap Done.

  27. Tap Submit.
    Note: If you need to change your mobile number, tap on Edit to the right of your current listed mobile and make the change before proceeding.

  28. Tap in the “Confirmation Code” box to activate the keypad.
  29. Enter the 4 digit Confirmation Code sent to your phone via text.
  30. Tap Confirm Phone.
  31. The Rave application is now ready for use.