AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk

Learn how to use your Enhanced Push-to-Talk service to talk almost instantly to other subscribers walkie-talkie style using their supported regular devices and smartphones. Use our self-help resources to learn how to place and receive calls, manage contacts and groups, send and receive alerts, and understand notifications.

See a list of compatible devices here.

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Initial setup of AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk for iPhone

  1. From the home screen, tap the App Store icon.

    Image of step 1.

  2. Tap on the magnifying glass icon Image of the magnifying glass icon. at the bottom right.

    Image of step 2.

  3. Tap in the “Games, Apps, Stories, and More” field.

    Image of step 3.

  4. Use the on-screen keyboard to type “at&t enhanced push-to-talk”.
  5. Tap on the desired result.

    Image of steps 4 and 5.

  6. Tap on the GET button.
    Note: An Apple ID may need to be created and activated.

    Image of step 6.

  7. Tap on the OPEN button.

    Image of step 7.

  8. A message populates requesting access to use the device’s microphone.
  9. Tap OK to allow access.

    Image of steps 8 and 9.

  10. A second message populates requesting to access location information.
  11. Tap on the desired setting to continue.

    Image of steps 10 and 11.

  12. A third message populates requesting to allow notifications.
  13. Tap on the desired setting.

    Image of steps 12 and 13.

  14. Scroll through and read the End User License Agreement.

    Image of step 14.

  15. Tap on the checkmark at the bottom left of the screen to continue using the application.

    Image of step 15.

  16. An activation confirmation message populates.
  17. Tap on Yes to continue with the activation

    Image of steps 16 and 17.

  18. A message populates, confirming that an SMS message must be sent.
  19. Tap OK to continue.

    Image of steps 18 and 19.

  20. The messaging window opens.
    Note: Please do not modify the content of the message.
  21. Tap the send icon.

    Image of steps 20 and 21.

  22. The application activates.

    Image of step 22.

  23. Tap on the View Tutorial button.
    Note: This step may also be completed later by tapping the Skip Tutorial button instead.

    Image of step 23.

  24. The AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk tutorial page launches in a browser window.

    Image of step 24.

  25. Return to the AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk application to begin using it.

    Image of step 25.