AT&T Business Messaging

Learn how to use your AT&T Business Messaging service. Receive tips on how to log in to the AT&T Business Notification Center website to build lists and send messages, or integrate with notification applications. Use our step by step walk-throughs to learn how to create, edit, import, and export both contacts and groups.

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How to get technical assistance for AT&T Business Messaging

AT&T Business Messaging Customer Service Form

If you prefer to receive technical support via the web, you may utilize our AT&T Business Messaging Customer Service Form. Follow-up responses are sent to the email address you provide within one business day.

Technical assistance form.

AT&T Business Messaging Technical Support

AT&T’s Advanced Solutions Care (ASC) provides technical support 24×7 to all Business Messaging customers.Qualifying customers also have access to ASC Helpdesk, which provides round-the-clock helpdesk-to-helpdesk technical support for the Business Messaging service. ASC Helpdesk is a specialized technical support group that can handle the complex needs of enterprises and troubleshoot issues with group notification and network connectivity. Businesses that activate 250 or more devices (or a minimum of 50 devices in the case of qualified public safety customers) with AT&T Business Messaging are able to take advantage of ASC Helpdesk.