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HD Voice for the Office@Hand Desktop App
Article #8172

How do I enable HD Voice for the Office@Hand Desktop App?

High-Definition Voice or HD Voice allows you to establish calls between supported Office@Hand desk phones and desktop apps with high quality voice audio.

HD Voice with OPUS Codec presents the following advantages:

  • Avoid miscommunication and experience clear conversation with background noise reduction.
  • Provide better call experience within Office@Hand services across all end points.

Note: HD Voice is available for Office Premium and Enterprise only.

This article shows how you can enable HD Voice on your Office@Hand Desktop App.

  1. Log in your Office@Hand Desktop App.
  2. Click Settings.

    Click Settings

  3. Click Calls > Incoming then, for Call quality, select Use High Bandwidth.

    Click Calls, then Incoming and select Use High Bandwidth

    You have now enabled HD Voice on your Office@Hand Desktop App. The HD Voice Indicator will appear on your Active Call.

    HD Voice indicator appears


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