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Guest Control Settings on AT&T Office@Hand Desktop App
Article #60043

This article provides the steps on how an Administrator can restrict employees from adding guests to their internal conversations in the AT&T Office@Hand Desktop app.

The company admin can change the company-wide guest control settings to control the ability of company employees to invite external users as guests and the ability of company employees to be invited into a conversation by external users.

  1. Launch your AT&T Office@Hand desktop app.
  2. Click the Settings icon and go to Administrator.
  3. Under the Company Admin Settings, configure the following:
    • Allow conversations with guests: This controls who in the company can invite external users into the company as guests
    • Allow guests to start conversations with my users: This controls if company employees can be invited by external users to their companies

Note: If the user has no permission to invite an external user into the company, he will receive this error while doing so. If the user invites an external user as a guest who is not allowed to be invited (company admin disables this), the user will see another error while doing so.

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