AT&T Message Archiving

Learn how to set up and use AT&T Message Archiving.

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Exporting all messages from a search to an Excel file in the AT&T Message Archiving portal

  1. Click on the search field to the left of the message list.
  2. Enter the desired search terms and press the Enter key on your keyboard.
  3. The results display.
  4. Click Export All at the top right.
    Image of step 1.
  5. Click on the desired format.
    Note: In this case, we are selecting Native.
  6. Click in the text box to the right of “Export Name” and enter the name for the file.
  7. Click in the text box to the right of “Password” and enter the password for the file.
  8. Click the Create Export button.
    Image of steps 2 through 5.
  9. The export starts.
  10. Click the Close button.
    Image of steps 6 and 7.
  11. Click Exports in the menu on the left.
    Image of step 8.
  12. Click Download.
    Image of step 9.
  13. Click on the name of the file.
    Image of step 10.
  14. A download dialog displays.
  15. Click the radio button to the left of either “Open with” or “Save File” and then click the OK button.
    Image of steps 11 and 12.