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Editing the Auto-Purchase Settings on Your Office@Hand Mobile App
Article #2734

How do I change the auto-purchase settings on my mobile app?

The Auto-Purchase feature ensures your AT&T Office@Hand account never runs out of calling credits. The selected package will be automatically purchased when you are running low on calling credits, which prevents any potential interruption of service.

Note:  Purchased funds will roll over month-to-month for up to 12 months.

This article demonstrates how Account Administrators can change the Auto-Purchase settings on the account via the Office@Hand Mobile App.

  1. Launch your Office@Hand Mobile App.
    Note: Click here to learn how you can log in to your mobile app.

  2. Tap My Profile, then tap Billing.

  3. Tap Service Plan.

  4. Tap Auto-Purchase.

  5. Choose your desired Calling Credits Package, then tap Save.

    You have now changed your Auto-Purchase settings.

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