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Display Interactive Voice Response | AT&T Office@Hand Desktop App
Article #8761

This article provides information about the Display Interactive Voice Response (IVR) feature on the AT&T Office@Hand Desktop App.

Display Interactive Voice Response | Desktop App

When someone calls you on the AT&T Office@Hand Desktop App, you may decline the call and send a reply instead. The caller may reply to the message via IVR and the reply will be displayed on your Desktop App.

Use Case Scenario

Mary is currently in a meeting when he receives a call on her AT&T Office@Hand Desktop App from Wendy. Mary is unable to answer the call so, she sends a reply to inform Wendy. Mary does this by clicking Reply on the Desktop App Pre-Call Controls.

Wendy hears Mary’s reply, but the call is important and needs urgent attention from Mary. Wendy hears the IVR options which are listed below.

IVR Options

1 to repeat message
2 to send a voicemail
3 to reply “yes”
4 to reply “no”
5 to reply “urgent call me back on <callback number>”
6 to drop the call

Wendy taps “5” on the dial pad and enters a call back number that sends an immediate response to Mary’s Desktop App.

Wendy’s reply is displayed on Mary’s Desktop App. Mary may click Call button to immediately call Wendy.

Note: The Desktop App displays when the IVR selected are either: option 3,4, or 5. The Call option only appears on the Desktop App when the caller selects option 5: “urgent call me back on <callback number>”.

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