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Phone Numbers ­ Set another User’s direct number ­ Admin | AT&T
Article #2571

A Direct Number is a phone number that can be called without going through the Auto ­Receptionist. Account administrators may add, change, or delete an extension’s Direct Number, which can be done from the Phones & Numbers section of the Office@Hand Online account. This article demonstrates the steps an Administrator should follow to customize a User’s Direct Number.

Phone Numbers – ­ Set another User’s direct number ­ Admin | AT&T Office@Hand

  1. Log in as an Administrator to your Office@Hand Online account.
  2. Go to Users > User List.
  3. Select the User you want to configure then go to Phones & Numbers > Numbers. Click Edit on the right of the number you want to configure.
  4. On the Direct Number screen, you may configure the following:
    • Number Type – ­ The number type controls what activity the phone number can receive.
      Selecting “Voice and Fax” enables the phone number to accept both phone calls and faxes. Selecting “Voice only” enables the phone number to receive phone calls only. Selecting
      “Fax only” enables the phone number to receive faxes only.
    • Calls to this number will be connected to ­ – Configure where if the calls to this number will connect to the Auto-­Receptionist or an Extension.
      Note: Selecting Auto­-Receptionist will transfer the number to your Company Numbers and selecting a different extension will transfer the number to that extension’s direct number/s.
    • Delete number – ­ Click this button to initiate the number deletion process.
  5. Click Save to save your changes.

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