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Customizing an Extension’s Advanced Rules via iOS
Article #2947

How do I add a custom rule to an extension via iOS?

The Advanced Call Handling section is where you can set up your preferred rules for better call management using conditions based on time of day, date range, incoming caller ID and called number.

Note: You need to be an account administrator to perform the following procedure.

  1. Launch your Office@Hand mobile app on your device.

    Launch your Office@Hand mobile app on your device.

  2. Tap Menu > Settings.

    Tap Menu and then Settings.

  3. Tap Phone System.

    Tap Phone System.

  4. Tap Users.

    Tap Users.

  5. Tap the extension you want to edit.

    Tap the extension you want to edit.

  6. Tap Call Handling & Forwarding.

    Tap Call Handling & Forwarding.

  7. Tap Advanced.
  8. Click Add Rule.
  9. Set a rule name. Click Next to proceed.
  10. Define the condition you chose, click Next to proceed:
    • Date and/or Time – you can select the range of time or date to which the rule will take effect
    • Caller ID – the rule will take effect on a specific caller ID
    • Called Number – the rule will base to which extension is being called
  11. You may select how you want your calls to be handled:
    • Forward Calls
    • Take Messages Only
    • Play Announcements Only
    • Unconditional Forwarding
  12. Also you can change Call Screening, Call Handling & Messages setting of the Extension.
  13. Click Done once finished.

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