AT&T Fleet Management for Enterprise/Government

AT&T Fleet Management for Enterprise (AFMFE) delivers real results with GPS tracking information to enable fleets to be more efficient, profitable and customer focused. Vehicle tracking, optional vehicle engine and performance data, and extensive reporting assist in optimizing business operations.

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Configure Zone Notifications

  1. Click on Rules & Groups in the menu on the left side of the database.

    Image of step 1.

  2. Click on Rules.

    Image of step 2.

  3. Click on the Add button at the top of the page.

    Image of step 3.

  4. Click in the field to the right of “Name” and enter a name for your rule.
  5. Click on the desired color code.
    Note: This determines the breadcrumb trail’s color when the rule is broken.
  6. Click on either “Not visible” or “Visible” to set the desired setting for the coloring.
  7. Click the dropdown box under “Publish to groups” and select the desired group(s).
  8. Click in the field to the right of “Comment” and enter any desired comment.

    Image of steps 4 through 8.

  9. Click on the Conditions tab.

    Image of step 9.

  10. Click on the Add zone or zone type tab.

    Image of step 10.

  11. Click on the Zone button to the right of “Type”.
  12. Click on the dropdown to the right of “Zone”.

    Image of steps 11 and 12.

  13. Select the desired zone

    Image of step 13.

  14. Click on the desired event to the right of “Event”.
    Note: The available events include:

      • Entering – When the driver enters the selected zone
      • Exiting – When the driver leaves the selected zone
      • Outside – The amount of time the vehicle spends outside of the selected zone
      • Inside – The amount of time the vehicle spends inside the zone
      • Stopped – If the Driver stops for at least 200 seconds after entering the zone
  15. Click on the Add button.
    Note: Repeat steps 10 through 15 to add more conditions.

    Image of steps 14 and 15.

  16. Click on the Notifications tab.

    Image of step 16.

  17. Click on the desired notification type.

    Image of step 17.

  18. Select the desired alert.

    Image of step 18.

  19. Enter the requested information for the alert.
  20. Click on the Add button.
  21. Repeat steps 17 through 20 to add more alerts.
    Note: You can add multiple notification methods to notify multiple users at once. For example, the rule can notify the driver, their supervisor, and an administrator simultaneously.

    Image of steps 19 through 21.

  22. Click on the Save button at the top left of the page.

    Image of step 22.