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Checking the shipping status of ordered phones
Article #8372

Where are my phones? How do I find a tracking number for a phone I ordered?

Customers can check the delivery status of ordered phones via the online account. You can obtain a tracking number by following the steps below:

Note:  You need to be an Administrator to do the steps below.

  1. Log in to your Office@Hand online account.
  2. On the Admin Portal page, click Phones & Devices under Phone System.

  3. Click on the device that you wish to track.

  4. Click Check Progress to view the Tracking Number, or the Date Received, if the phone has been delivered.

  5. If you have not received the phone that you ordered from Office@Hand from AT&T, go to, and then enter the Tracking Number that you got.
    Note: Your desk phone(s) will arrive approximately five (5) to seven (7) business days from the day of ordering. After order processing, procurement and packaging, we ship through FedEx or USPS ground, 2-day or overnight delivery. The best part is that the phones arrive Plug & Ring ready so all you have to do is plug them in and start making calls. The Travel History page will provide you details if the device is already delivered or where is it located as of the moment.

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