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Check the Status of your AT&T Office@Hand Number Transfer Request
Article #44136

After submitting a request to transfer your number to AT&T Office@Hand, you may view the status of your Number Transfer request through the online portal.

Check Status of your Number Transfer Request

IMPORTANT: If you are transferring a number with SMS feature, your service may be interrupted for 72 hours on completion of the number transfer request.

  1. Log in as an Administrator to your AT&T Office@Hand.
  2. Go to Admin Portal > Phone System > Phone Numbers > Transferred and Vanity Tab.
  3. Under Transfer Orders, click on the order you would like to check. You will see the following details on the next page:
    • Order Number – AT&T Office@Hand’s internal reference number
    • Date Created – Order date created in the portal
    • Status – Current status of the order
    • Request Transfer Date – Requested date sent to your provider

Note: Requested date may vary depending on the agreed time frame between AT&T Office@Hand and your provider. Allow 7-10 business days to transfer your number. Any information mismatch restarts the order to Day-1.

Number Porting Status and what they mean

  • Confirmed Order – Order confirmed for completion on a specific date
  • In Progress Order – Order is still in progress and waiting for the losing carrier to respond. Some carriers take up to 10 business days to respond due to the complexity of the order. These are manually worked in a First In – First Out Basis.
  • Rejected Order – Orders that were denied due to information mismatch – submitted information versus losing carrier’s records. May require your help in order to restart the request. Once order restarts, it will undergo another cycle (7-10 business days), since orders are worked in First In – First Out basis.