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Overflow Call Queues Overview | AT&T Office@Hand
Article #10881

This article provides information on how to enable and configure a call queue group’s queue overflow settings. Calls to a Call Queue with overflow are handled as an extended single Call Queue. When enabled, all calls are offered first to any available agent in the primary call queue. When all members of the primary queue are in an active call, incoming calls to the primary queue will spill-over to the overflow queue.

The Overflow Call Queue feature enables Call Queue Managers and Administrators to re-use existing call queue groups for extending a call queue while preserving policies of the primary call queue group such as:

  • Call Handling Timers
  • Greetings
  • Voicemail
  • After hours setting

Note: When all members of primary and overflow queue are unavailable, the call will be handled as per policy in call handling of the primary queue. The members in overflow queue will always be called on Rotation sequence.

IMPORTANT: You can only enable Overflow Call Queue if your primary Call Queue is set up with Rotational or Fixed Call Handling policy. To set up a Call Queue group’s Call Handling settings, go to Set Up Call Handling for Business Hours and After Hours | AT&T Office@Hand.


This feature is available to RingCentral Office Premium and Office Ultimate plan users.

Comparison with Call Forwarding

The table below summarizes the difference between Overflow Call Queue and Call Forwarding.

Overflow Call Queue Call Forwarding
Use to forward calls to another group of people when the primary call queue members are on active calls. Use to route calls from an extension to another phone or mobile number or to a different extension.
Calls are handled as they come. Calls are handled during business hours, after hours or multiple condition rules.
Supports Rotating and In fixed order protocols. Supports Sequential and Simultaneous ringing.
Supports up to 25 calls waiting in the queue. Allows you to add up to 10 forwarding numbers for each extension assigned to you.


Primary call queue that has been set to either Fixed or Rotating function.
Overflow call queue that has been created and enabled.

Assign Overflow Call Queue/s

  1. Log in to your AT&T Office@Hand account.
  2. Go to Admin Portal > Phone System > Groups.
  3. Click Call Queues and select the queue to which the Overflow Call Queue/s will be added.
  4. Click Call Handling & Members.
  5. Click the More icon More icon and select Overflow on the drop-down list.
  6. Click Enable Send Calls to Overflow Queue button and select call queues (3 maximum).
  7. Click Save. The page will return to the Call Queue info section.

Configure Selected Overflow Call Queue/s

  1. Go to Admin Portal > Phone System > Groups.
  2. Click Call Queues and choose the name that you have selected in the Overflow settings.
  3. Click Call Handling & Members.
  4. Click Wait Settings tab.
  5. These are the settings that you can configure:
    • Maximum time to wait for a call queue member before trying the next member.
      Selectable options: 2 rings / 10 seconds up to 60 rings / 5 minutes.
    • After last call is ended, agent will be available for the next call within. Selectable options: 0 seconds to 5 minutes.
    • Maximum hold time for an available member. Selectable options: 0 seconds to 15 minutes.
    • When maximum hold time is reached, send caller to. Selectable options: Voicemail,
      Extension and External Number.
    • If number of callers waiting exceeds.
    • Maximum Number. Selectable options: 5-25 callers.
    • Action. Selectable options: Send new callers to Voicemail, Advise callers of heavy call volume and disconnect, Send new callers to Extension and Forward new callers to External Number.
  6. Click Save.

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